Mary Jones the Writer

Poetry Anthology

There is to be an anthology of poems about Frankston, titled ‘City of Stars’. It will be published by Ginninderra Press and will come out later this year. I have two poems in this anthology.

Short Stories Again

I recently got congratulated on winning a commendation in a competition I didn’t know had been judged yet! I must have missed the notification and invitation to the award ceremony. But I now have a certificate to say I have an Encouragement Award in the Waterline Writing Competition, for an entry in the Glen Miles Short Story Prize.

I also won the Christmas Competition at the Society of Women Writers Victoria Christmas meeting and party, for a three-minute story performed at the event.

Short Story and Poetry Successes

I’ve progressed at last from the ‘commended’ category – I’ve won Third Prize ($100) in the City of Rockingham Short Fiction Awards!

I’ve also been told that the poem I entered in the Henry Kendall Poetry Award has been chosen to go in the Anthology based on the competition – I don’t know whether this means it was longlisted, shortlisted or is in line for one of the prizes (results due next month), but in any case it’s always nice to get a published credit.

I’ve also heard that one of my poems published in ‘The Mozzie’ magazine has been chosen to be re-published in New Zealand in the magazine ‘Valley Micropress’.

Soapbox Poetry

The first Anywhere Theatre Festival gig is upon us – no idea what to expect in the way of audience or their reaction, but we have a varied program of poetry from a diverse group of poets, so we hope there will be something for everyone. And anyway, they can’t really grumble because it’s free!

On the short story front, I’ve now been commended in the Margaret Hazzard award for short stories, so I must still be doing something right – but not quite right enough, because I keep not actually winning!

Short Stories and Poems

My short story ‘Craftwork’ has been short-listed in the Eastwood/Hills Fellowship of Australian Writers 2014 Short Story Competition. (This is the original story from which I developed a play-script of the same name, which has been performed on Radio 3RPP.)

My three poems ‘Nostalgia Trip’, ‘Ladies Who Lunch’, and ‘Pied Cormorant’, appear in the July/August edition of Quadrant magazine.

Peninsula Poets are performing as part of Zinefest at Frankston Arts Centre on Saturday July 19th. This will be a taster for our full-scale performances in the Frankston ‘Theatre Anywhere Festival’ in August/September.


Peninsula Poets in Theatre Anywhere Festival

The highly successful ‘Theatre Anywhere’ festival from Brisbane is now also starting up in Frankston, and Peninsula Poets are performing in two gigs at the end of August and beginning of September as part of the festival. Events are being finalised, and the full programme will be announced at the festival launch on Tuesday July 22nd.

Short story success

I’ve been shortlisted for the Peter Cowan 600 Short Story Award, for a story of less than 600 words. I won’t know until next weekend whether I’m one of the main prizewinners or not. I fully expect to fulfil my usual role of bridesmaid – but you never know! You can find the story here, as the May entry on the ‘Extract of the Month’ page.

Update: The results are now out. There were 307 entries, three cash prizes, five highly commended entries and five commended. Mine was one of the highly commended.

Publication credits

A good week – I’ve had two more poems accepted by Les Murray for publication in ‘Quadrant’ magazine, I’ve performed in a joint fashion/poetry event in Melbourne, and I’ve had two poems selected for publication in Poetica Christi Press’s upcoming anthology ‘A Lightness of Being’. Not a bad start to 2014!

Update, March 13th. The success continues – I’ve now have two poems published in ‘The Mozzie’ magazine and one in ‘Pearl’ magazine.

Society of Women Writers Victoria

I’ve had two successes in the SWWV Christmas competitions. My short story ‘Famous Last Words’ came second in the Short Story Competition, and my poem ‘Nostalgia Trip’ came second in the Poetry Competition.

Update – the poem ‘Nostalgia Trip’ has now been chosen by Les Murray for publication in ‘Quadrant’ magazine, after the poetry judge Joe Dolce submitted the SWWV shortlisted poems to him.

Poetry Masterclass at Clunes

I’m delighted to have been part of a fantastic long weekend of poetry, led by Jordie Albiston, in the congenial surroundings of Clunes. The hospitality was superb, and the group of seven poets and one tutor established a very special relationship right from the start. The work-shopping, discussions, exercises and general literary gossiping were so productive that we’ve decided to keep the group going and meet once a month – basically we were having so much fun we didn’t want to stop at the end of the course. Thank you to Writers Victoria for the opportunity, and to Jordie for such inspiring tutoring.


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