Troubled Waters cover

For readers in Australia, it can be ordered from Green Olive Press, here

This is my fifth book, and my first novel. It can be ordered on Amazon here.

For readers in the UK, it’s available on Amazon uk here

The cover design is from a photograph taken by my grand-daughter Rosalie Ritter-Jones.

TROUBLED WATERS is a murder mystery, set in the Channel Islands in the 1980’s, with flashbacks to WW2 during the German occupation. The location is Longuey, a small (fictional) island off the coast of Guernsey.Teenager Robbie is caught up in a murder investigation, when he discovers a drowned body on his first day home from boarding school. The holiday island run and managed by his parents is descended on by police from the mainland. Their questioning probes island residents, hotel staff and guests, and day-trippers. As secrets from the past and present are gradually uncovered, Robbie faces uncomfortable truths within his own family, and realises his idyllic island home will probably never be the same again.

cast of Supporting Characters

My fourth book, ‘Cast of Supporting Characters’, is another in the Ginninderra Press Pocket Poets series. It contains 20 poems, casting a sideways glance at some neglected or misunderstood characters from literature, plays, Shakespeare, the Bible and history.

It can be ordered from the Ginninderra Press website, link here
(scroll through the Pocket Poets page to number 90)

Lines Waving

My third book, my second full collection, is ‘Lines Waving’. It is available from Lulu here

It includes a sonnet sequence written in celebration of the Testament sculptures in the Chapter House of Exeter Cathedral.

The cover design is by my grand-daughter, Penelope Ritter-Jones.

Second Person Singular

My second book, ‘Second Person Singular’ is in the ‘Pocket Poets’ series from Ginninderra Press.

It contains 20 poems, and can be ordered from the Ginninderra Press website, link here
(Use the e-mail link on the Pocket Poets page to request number 42.)

The cover design is by my grand-daughter, Penelope Ritter-Jones.

Lines Dancing

This is my very first book, which is a poetry collection. I’d done many poetry readings of my own work and often got asked ‘Is there a book?’ or ‘Can I get a copy of some of these poems?’ Eventually I realised I’d have to go ahead and do it, so here it is. To find this book on Lulu, click here

To find it on Amazon, click here

To find it as a downloadable e-book, click here