Lines Waving

Lines Waving

This collection covers a variety of moods from weighty to frivolous, and includes examples of formal poetic structures as well as free verse. The reader is invited to join the poet in exploring the familiar, the esoteric and all stages in between – the waving is always a welcome but can also be a cry for help or a warning.


‘Plenty of precious stones embedded throughout these glittering mineshaft walls. The short poems are wonderful: Director’s Cut, Anne, Joseph – all rippers.’
Joe Dolce

‘In this fine collection, her third, Mary Jones explores joy and loss in love and family, the difficulty of finding the right word for a poem, nostalgia in old age, the migrant experience, and faith.  With an engaging conversational style and occasional wry humour, she details her observations of people and society using well-constructed traditional forms and vivid free verse. The collection finishes with ‘The Testament Sculptures, Exeter Cathedral Chapter House’, an accomplished sonnet sequence in terms of skill and passion.’
Earl Livings