Short Stories Again

I recently got congratulated on winning a commendation in a competition I didn’t know had been judged yet! I must have missed the notification and invitation to the award ceremony. But I now have a certificate to say I have an Encouragement Award in the Waterline Writing Competition, for an entry in the Glen Miles Short Story Prize.

I also won the Christmas Competition at the Society of Women Writers Victoria Christmas meeting and party, for a three-minute story performed at the event.


Short Story and Poetry Successes

I’ve progressed at last from the ‘commended’ category – I’ve won Third Prize ($100) in the City of Rockingham Short Fiction Awards!

I’ve also been told that the poem I entered in the Henry Kendall Poetry Award has been chosen to go in the Anthology based on the competition – I don’t know whether this means it was longlisted, shortlisted or is in line for one of the prizes (results due next month), but in any case it’s always nice to get a published credit.

I’ve also heard that one of my poems published in ‘The Mozzie’ magazine has been chosen to be re-published in New Zealand in the magazine ‘Valley Micropress’.