New Book

Troubled Waters coverAnd now for something completely different! This is my first novel, after four poetry books. Its full release has been delayed by Covid 19, but for anyone in lockdown it should prove ideal – you can curl up with a nice cosy murder mystery set in the Channel Islands.

It’s available on the main Amazon site here.
(but it can’t at the moment be delivered in Australia.)

For Australian readers, you can order it from Green Olive Press here.

For readers in the UK, it’s available on Amazon uk here

The cover photograph is by my grand-daughter Rosalie Ritter-Jones.

‘Mountain Secrets’ Anthology

Mountain Secrets anthologyMountains are constant but continually changing. Captive to the seasons, they reveal many faces: in winter shrouded in snow and mist, yet so visibly majestic in the summer months that they appear to touch the sky. Lost in clouds at times, so discernible at others. Places of solitude yet at the mercy of mountaineers who swarm them. Both revered and feared; mystical and earthy; elusive but tangible. Does the mystery of mountains lie in the many paradoxes that surround them? Join more than 150 poets from across Australia in a tantalising exploration of mountains around the world, real and imagined, literal and figurative.

This is the Ginninderra Press anthology ‘Mountain Secrets’. It includes my poem ‘Tai Shan’.
The anthology is available here.

Pocket Poets: Cast of Supporting Characters

cast of Supporting CharactersMy second book in the Ginninderra Press Pocket Poets series, Cast of Supporting Characters, is now available. It can be ordered from the Ginninderra Press website here.

The 20 poems explore the viewpoints of the ‘supporting characters’ in the title, giving a sometimes unexpected twist to stories from literature, plays, the Bible, Shakespeare and history. The stories and characters may be well-loved or less familiar, but I hope all of them gain something from having a quirky sideways spotlight turned on them.

You can read one of these poems on the Extract of the Month page, here.

Aesthetica Magazine Anthology, and New Collection

The poem ‘You Are…’ which won me the Kathryn Purnell Poetry Award, has now been selected to be included in Aesthetica Magazine’s Creative Writing Award Anthology, which will be coming out by the end of the year.

The collection ‘Cast of Supporting Characters’ has been accepted by Ginninderra Press for publication in their ‘Pocket Poets’ series. This is a collection of 20 poems giving a sideways look at lesser-known or neglected characters from plays, literature and history. (This includes two characters, Lord Bracknell and Godot, who famously don’t appear at all in the plays in which they’re referenced!)

Poetica Christi Anthology

Dune ShadowsMy poem ‘Dune Shadows’ has been chosen by the judge of this year’s Poetica Christi Press poetry competition for inclusion in the 2018 anthology ‘Interludes’. The poem was originally inspired by an oil painting of the same title by John Whitelaw (shown left), and was performed in December 2017 at an ekphrastic poetry event at the Boathouse Art Gallery in Frankston.

You can read the poem on the Extract of the Month page, here.

Ginninderra Press ‘Wild’ Anthology

Wild anthologyGinninderra Press is celebrating 10 years in Adelaide with an anthology of poems, chosen from poets published by them.

The anthology is available here.

My poem ‘Invasion’ (published in the Pocket Poets collection ‘Second Person Singular’) is included in the anthology. Two other poets from the Mornington poetry workshop ‘Peninsula Poetica’, Avril Bradley and Ann Simic, are also included. All three of us descended on Adelaide in July, to attend the launch and read our poems.

New Book – Lines Waving

Lines WavingWe now have copies available of my new Poetry collection, ‘Lines Waving’. This is my third poetry book, my second full-length collection.

It’s available online at the Lulu site, link here
In due course, it will also be available on Amazon and as an e-book.

The cover design is by my grand-daughter Penelope Ritter-Jones, who did the design for my Ginninderra Press Pocket Poets booklet, ‘Second Person Singular’. It follows a similar structure to my own design for my first collection, ‘Lines Dancing’.

All three books are available through the BOOKS page on this site.