Wyndham Awards Anthology Launch

anthology coverThe Wyndham Writing Awards Anthology was launched on November 7th. It contains all the shortlisted works in the Short Story, Poetry, Flash Fiction and Graphic Short Story categories of the 2019 Writing Awards. It includes my short story ‘Graffiti’.

Wyndham Anthology launch


Short Stories Again

I recently got congratulated on winning a commendation in a competition I didn’t know had been judged yet! I must have missed the notification and invitation to the award ceremony. But I now have a certificate to say I have an Encouragement Award in the Waterline Writing Competition, for an entry in the Glen Miles Short Story Prize.

I also won the Christmas Competition at the Society of Women Writers Victoria Christmas meeting and party, for a three-minute story performed at the event.

Short Story and Poetry Successes

I’ve progressed at last from the ‘commended’ category – I’ve won Third Prize ($100) in the City of Rockingham Short Fiction Awards!

I’ve also been told that the poem I entered in the Henry Kendall Poetry Award has been chosen to go in the Anthology based on the competition – I don’t know whether this means it was longlisted, shortlisted or is in line for one of the prizes (results due next month), but in any case it’s always nice to get a published credit.

I’ve also heard that one of my poems published in ‘The Mozzie’ magazine has been chosen to be re-published in New Zealand in the magazine ‘Valley Micropress’.