Another Anthology

Inner Child Anthology

My poem ‘Fish’ appears in the Poetica Christi Press Poetry Anthology ‘Inner Child’, which was launched on Saturday July 25th.

It’s available here.



City of StarsThe anthology “City of Stars’, an anthology of love poems for Frankston edited by Avril Bradley, will be launched by the Deputy Mayor of Frankston on Sunday September 27th at Harry’s Studio in the grounds of The McClelland Art Gallery and Sculpture Park. It contains my poems ‘Tardis’ and ‘Director’s Cut’.

It’s available here.

Book Links

A reminder about how to access my poetry collection ‘Lines Dancing”. You can order it as a printed book from either Lulu or Amazon (which of them is best value probably depends on which country you’re ordering from and what the postage costs are) or as a download to an e-reader.

To find it on Lulu click here

To find it on Amazon, click here

To find it as a downloadable e-book, click  here